Murray State Racers Face Long Odds To Win 2012 NCAA Tournament

Prime example of NCAA Basketball’s superiority over NCAA Football (at least in one respect): The pickle with Murray State.

For what college basketball lacks in star power and broad appeal against football, it gains in fairness.

Last week, voters were strong-armed into voting the Racers into the 7th spot in the polls, their highest ranking in school history. That was after a run of 23-straight victories to start the year, which made them the last unbeaten team in the country. But alas, that is all gone now after a stunning loss to conference rival Tennessee State, 72-68, at home, less a game that had Murray State favored by 12.5 points. Instead it was a loss that exposed them for what they really are as we head into conference championship play at the end of the month.

The Racers are left with the 39th-best RPI and 216th-best (or should I say worst) strength of schedule in the country. They have two wins over quality opponents, although that could grow to four before the tournament starts. And what’s worse is a dreadful 2-8-1 record ATS since January began. With such a meager resume, now there are even questions to whether Murray State should even make the tournament at all, let alone the Final Four.

In fact, their betting odds to win the NCAA Tournament took a nose dive last week, plummeting to the dreaded wasteland that is the “rest of the field” category overnight on Bovada, at 30-to-1. Other sources from overseas sportsbooks tell us the Racers are still on their boards however their odds to win the NCAA Tournament are down to around 350 to 1.

The prime example of college basketball’s superiority? All this and it doesn’t mean squat. Because there’s, you know, an actual tournament to find all this stuff out. If it were up to me and you, the Racers wouldn’t have much value to bet on going forward, especially because they’ve foiled backers so much in the last month already. But instead of fluffing around about it, Murray State will make the dance and hopefully once again remind us that the polls actually mean diddly.

Odds To Win NCAA Tournament by Bovada – updated 2/21/2012

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